Why us

Why would you use us?

If you have a great idea or want to automate part or even all of your business then we should probably be engaged. However, the fundamental difference is that we don’t build a finished product so you should either have in-house resources already or be preparing to take this out to contract or tender if it’s a large project.

Presentable Concepts

If you are reading this, then you have probably had experience of trying to pull together a list of requirements or a specification for a new feature or system.

Making it presentable enough to be understood by all parts of the business with different aspirations and mindsets (and getting it past the CTO) can prove challenging ...

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What our clients say about us

"Our travel review product is so unique and innovative we quickly found there was no system we could pick up off the shelf and had to design bespoke technology from the ground up. The events of the last year also meant we had to pivot and move extremely fast and adapt our systems to the ever changing landscape. Procept built the complete develpment specifications and fed to the in-house devlopers who in return were pushing out new features at an excessive rate."

Chris Brown, CEO, TrustedTrip

"Over the past 15+ years we have been fortunate enough to work with Stewart on various development projects. He is always committed, thoughtful and delivers on time and to budget. Stewart’s immense experience means that we always seek his guidance on feasibility, design and functionality of the project. For quality of output and delivery we would not work with anyone else"

Barry Gooch, Director, Montague Sykes Limited

"Stewart and his expert team at Procept, clearly listened and communicated with Tour Amigo stakeholders and continued to liaise and interact with our team throughout the entire process. This allowed for constant evolution of the product concept and functionalities, with innovative ideas often driven by Stewart and his team. These characteristic of flexibility and innovation are very rare in development and design, often effecting delivery dates."

"Personally, the two distinct advantages of using the interactive prototypes are time and cost savings, as you can scope and amend functionality and design issues before coding. We would highly recommend Procept for product architecture and proof of concept prototypes"

Murray Decker, CEO, Tour Amigo