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Our kind of people

We look to engage with business owners or visionary management who have a desire to automate or enhance operational processes. You would currently have an in-house system or no system at all. If you are committed to an off the shelf package that can’t be modified then we could certainly still assist but this is a more challenging approach.

Visualise your ideas

Generally we find you have fantastic ideas or concepts but not sure how to present them back to the business and the technical team (who may or may not be approachable and / or willing or have the same enthusiasm).

You could be a company offering services to 3rd parties who have desires to sell new products or solutions to their customers. Without fully investing in an idea and creating something that may or may not work, we can build a lower cost proof of concept product that can be demonstrated around your client base to assess market viability.

We like startup businesses who are probably looking for pre-seed funding - the tough chicken and egg investment round.
Great idea >> no proof of concept product >> no money to build one.

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