No - we provide a living specification for you to build your own system from

Unfortunately not, this is far too emotional for us to even consider but we know some established and reasonable people who do and happy to recommend them for you to engage directly, but that’s where it finishes for us

We didn't even trust ourselves to build our own website so we drafted in the professionals at Digitap

No we aren’t consultants in that area. Our expertise is in providing blueprints for you to build bespoke / new functionality to integrate into your current environment.

You absolutely can but as you are reading this you may have experienced one or more of the following

  • Unsure how to present the idea to get the buy in from the business - Operations, Marketing, Sales. MD, IT etc
  • You have a really busy development team and they don’t have time to consider it
  • You have a really busy development team and they drop everything to look at it

The whole ethos is that we create something totally bespoke for you to control and not have to wait for us for the next release or we make a change for another client and it breaks for you. Our projects are diverse so no one size fits all and we could not physically maintain and support many different systems without letting someone down

Having said that, we do have a unique agreement with our friends at Teamweb who are a specialist developer for hire software company. Having worked with them on numerous projects, we are confident enough to engage them for the build and we can also project manage the whole process for you.

Teamweb have an established technical framework that already integrates into our development process which will help speed things along.

Think of our delivery like a new concept car. Looks great on the outside but underneath it may only have pedals. Our mission is not to provide a fully working product, it’s a functional list of instructions how to make one and that’s where the technical teams spring into action

No we don’t. The concept is we provide the functional specifications to sit in your own ecosystem but if you don’t currently have one, we know people to help but that’s purely a recommendation and not part of our process.

That is 100% not the case, we love them to bits - we are those people. Business requirements are different from technical solutions so there is a distict line. They will be busy people anyway so no need to engage fully with them until you have a proper business case to proceed.

A good CTO or technical leader will always be more focused on the business strategy and managing the team and technology stack and not be too concerned about what it says on a button.

And going back to the traditional architect piece - we draw up the plans, you give it to the tech team and they are in full control to build it all in their own environment, at the end of the day they still have total ownership so it should all work out just nice in the end.