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"I have been involved with systems technology for more than 30 years and I am fortunate enough to have been involved with literally hundreds of fantastic customers and innovators during this period of time. My personal experience is diverse, as a ‘retired’ software engineer I understand the technicalities of putting together complex systems, but more than anything I understand the requirements and frustrations of business owners and users on the opposite end of the spectrum."

The whole concept for this business was borne from a common disconnect in the software industry between what a customer wants and what actually gets delivered. The piece in the middle is quite often the ‘specification’ and this tends to be a collaboration of many minds working together, but at the end of the day, the end result is still down to interpretation and can sometimes go astray.

The service we provide is to actually build a working model that everyone can touch and feel and get to know. This is a much simpler and effective process than writing and reading pages and pages and pages of documentation. It is a simple way to bring technical and non-technical together in harmony ...

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Here to help

Systems can be very daunting for people who quite often describe themselves as non-technical (when often they are really). Where do you start when you have an idea or a need to automate something when there is a big barrier in the way. It is exactly the same hurdles and restrictions you would have visiting another country when you can’t speak the language.

A conversation with my own daughter a few months ago revealed that she needed an app and had 50 great ideas of what it needed to do and extolled the benefits …. her final line was ‘so what do I do now’.

What you can do is contact us. We do not speak techno-babble so feel free to just explain what you are looking for and forget the technicalities. If we can’t help directly, we are always up for a chat and we do know a lot of people in the right places.

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